Speaking of Crime

Shay Shares What She Knows About Kylen And Crystal’s Last Days

January 14, 2022

Kylen and Crystal had many friends in Moab. One of those friends worked with Crystal at McDonald's and her name is Shay. She is devastated. And five months later, she is still struggling to deal with the loss of her friends who she says she was so blessed to have known, even for the short period of time she was able to spend with them before their lives were brutally cut short. 

Music in this episode provided by Artlist:

SHe's a Gift by Borrtex
Birthplace by Ardie Son
Missing You by James Paul Mitchell
Short Love Story by Claudio Laucci
My Blues(Inst.) By Moody Bear

Episode written by Jia Wertz

Episode produced by Studio G


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Jia Wertz and John Gully

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